Water agencies, thanks to our micro hydro turbines, can control water pressure while producing 100% renewable energy, turning excess pressure into a revenue stream.

It is installed in line or in parallel to a pressure reducing valve (PRV) converting excess pressure into electricity, which provides the installation with an economic income with an extremely fast return on investment.

The installation takes up very little space so it can be installed in existing or in new pipeline. In addition, since it is a pump used as a turbine, the installation work can be carried out by the same company that is in charge of maintaining the installation.

With the electricity generated, the energy cost of public lighting can be reduced, electric vehicle charging stations can be powered, the energy cost of water treatment and pumping plants can be reduced, power scooter and electric bicycle charging stations, in In short, reduce the electricity consumption of any installation.

micro hydro turbine

The installation of micro hydro turbines helps water agencies to reduce energy consumption in their facilities and achieve the objectives of reducing their carbon footprint. With the energy generated, it is possible to reduce the emission of CO2 and other greenhouse gases responsible for climate change.

Thanks to the installation of our micro hydraulic turbines, it is possible to reduce the level of noise and vibration existing in pressure reducing valves (PRV) that can cause leaks and water losses.

Let us not forget that in the not too distant future (before 2050), water agencies will have to be “carbon neutral” so the implementation of this type of measure will be of great help to them and will also provide them with performance economic.


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