About us

Powerturbines is a pioneer company in the application of PAT (pumps used as turbines) for power generation in water networks.



Our patented technology, result of years of research and development, allows us to be at the forefront of an emerging sector such as distributed microgeneration, where any energy resource, no matter how small, is used to support the electrical system. In this sense, the water distribution networks represent an opportunity that has barely been exploited and with a high generation potential.




Powerturbines has an extensive and experienced team in water turbines since 2013 that can help you to define the ideal place to locate the equipment inside the installation, as well as to provide support during the execution of the project. Additionally we can provide a commissioning service direct on place to check the correct equipment installation and put the water turbine to work.

Our water turbines can be installed in drinking water networks, irrigation networks or for energy production with ecological flow in rivers or dams.

Basically the water turbines can be installed in any place with a differential pressure and a circulating flow.

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