• Microturbinas hidráulicas

Water turbines designed for power generation in water networks

High efficiency water turbines based on PATs for renewable energy generation in drinking water networks or in irrigation facilities.
Installation in water treatment plants, tanks, pressure reducing valves (PRVs), irrigation hydrants or power generation from ecological flow in river dams or reservoirs.
Significant energy savings through self-consumption of the energy produced by the turbine or from surplus energy selling to the electric grid.

Applications of our PATs (pump as turbine)

Benefits of hydropower based in PAT (pump used as turbine)

Powerturbines manufactures different water turbine models to work with a wide range of flows and pressure drops, both to charge batteries and to inject energy into the electrical grid.

Sale of energy to the gridExport and selling energy to the electric grid

Energy supplyElectric generation in remote areas

Compatible with waterCompatible with drinking water, irrigation water or raw water

Reduction of energy costsSignificant energy purchase savings

Why choose Powerturbines as your water turbine manufacturer?

Technical assistance by our specialized team throughout the project. We will advise you on how to execute the hydraulic and electrical installation.
Short payback thanks to a low investment cost. With our equipment, you will achieve significant savings on your electricity bill.
Easy installation and maintenance, similar to a conventional pump, which will allow you to carry out these tasks with your own staff without having to depend on us.
High efficiency water turbines even with low flow rates. With our technology, it is possible to generate energy where traditional turbines (francis, pelton or Kaplan) are not applicable.
100% renewable energy source with minimal environmental impact. In addition, our water turbines can operate underground and hidden to avoid vandalism.
Water turbine made of high quality materials. We offer clients the possibility of manufacturing in different materials such as cast iron or stainless steel.
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