Grid tied turbines (Microgrid series)

Grid tied turbines


Grid tied turbines up to 60kw of output power for selling energy or self consumption.

The grid tied turbines can be installed at:

  • The inlet pipe of water tanks with pressure break
  • River dams
  • In parallel with pressure reducing valves recovering a part of the energy potential.

In case of very high flow rates, it is possible to install several water turbines in parallel:

Grid tied turbines up to 25kw

We have three types of water turbines (Line, Line HP or Monobloc) and different models inside each type depending on the flow and the pressure drop available on the installation.


line turbine
line hp turbine
monobloc turbine


These water turbines are supplied as a kit composed by a control panel, a grid inverter as well as a braking resistor whose mission is dissipate the energy generated by the water turbine in the event of a power grid failure. Additionally, an automatic valve is also provided in order to close the water flow in the event of a power failure:




For more information please download the technical datasheet and installation examples.


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