Nanoturbine for battery charging

Hydraulic nanoturbine


The nanoturbine for battery charging has been specifically designed to be installed in parallel with pressure reducing valves (PRVs). Its compact size, high life span and water resistance (IP68) make the nanoturbine the ideal solution for power supply in any location without electric connection. Thanks to its 20W power, it is possible to supply dataloggers, flowmeters, pressure sensors and all kinds of instrumentation necessary for remote monitoring of a pressure reducing valve without affecting its operation, since the water turbine is installed in bypass using only a small part of the flow.


Nanoturbine exploded view


With the nanoturbine it is not necessary to periodically replace the batteries, since they will always be charged. One important advantage is that it can be installed inside the PRV chamber and totally hidden, which is a great advantage over other types of solutions such as solar panels. In fact it can generate the same daily energy than a 120W solar panel.


Nanoturbina installation


It is supplied as a kit composed by the nanoturbine, the control box (including a 12V battery charge regulator) and an ON/OFF solenoid valve in order to make the water turbine work only when the battery needs to be charged, reducing significantly the running hours and increasingly life span. Optionally the kit can be completed with the battery (12V lead acid standard battery up to 45 amp-hour of capacity) as well as a 12-24VDC converter in case you need to supply 24V equipment.


Nanoturbines kit


For more information (operation curves, dimensions, etc.) please download the datasheet:


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