• Microturbinas hidráulicas

Water turbines designed for power generation in water networks

High efficiency turbines for renewable energy generation in drinking water networks or in irrigation facilities.
Installation in water treatment plants, tanks, pressure reducing valves (PRVs), irrigation hydrants or power generation from ecological flow in river dams or reservoirs.
Significant energy savings through self-consumption of the energy produced by the turbine or from surplus energy selling to the electric grid.

Applications of Powerturbines products

Benefits and advantages of Powerturbines

Powerturbines manufactures different turbine model to work with a wide range of flows and pressure drops, both to charge batteries and to inject energy into the electrical grid.

Venta de energía a redExport and selling energy to the electric grid

Suministro energéticoElectric generation in remote areas

Compatible con aguaCompatible with drinking water, irrigation water or raw water

Reducción de costes energéticosSignificant energy purchase savings

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