Typically in microhydro systems the torque from the output shaft of the PAT is converted into electricity by use of a generator. This provides great flexibility for the use of the power as the electricity is easy to transport and use for multiple devices at the same time.


The losses experienced in the generation and use of electricity may be avoided by connecting the shafts of the PAT and the pump. This means that most of the power generated in the PAT will reach the pump, with small losses experienced in possible clutches and gearboxes. However, a major negative aspect of this solution is that the location of the PAT system becomes more constrained as it needs to be situated next to the pump it would power.


This solution should be more efficient than a generator when powering a single constant load such as a pump which runs all the time. As soon as multiple or variable loads are to be powered by the PAT system a generator may prove to be a simpler and more effective solution.



The water enters the pump house through the green pipe where it is directed to the green centrifugal pump that is operating as a turbine. The PAT generates mechanical shaft power and the water flows out towards the ocean through the green pipe. The mechanical power from the output shaft of the green PAT is used to power a different model centrifugal pump (the blue pump in the diagram) by direct coupling of the shaft. This takes water from the ocean and pumps it back up to the farm using the blue pipe.
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