This week we have started up one of our Microbat turbines for battery charging in the city that has the most UNESCO World Heritage titles in the world, Córdoba.

Specifically, the installation has been developed for the Hydraulic Laboratory of the Leonardo da Vinci Building of the University of Córdoba (Campus de Rabanales).

This laboratory has a solar pumping system composed of 3 pumps of 1.5, 2 and 2.5 kW of nominal power. These pumps can be connected in series and parallel and are driven by variable frequency drives.


solar pumping


In order to be able to carry out laboratory practices on the use of pumps used as turbines (PATs) and taking advantage of the fact that the pumping is powered by photovoltaic energy, a micro hydraulic turbine with up to 320 watts of power has been installed.


hydraulic turbine


The installation is carried out in parallel to a pressure reducing valve in order to simulate the operation of the two elements in parallel. In addition, a flowmeter has been installed in line with the turbine to be able to measure the flow as well as pressure sensors to measure the pressure both at the inlet and at the outlet.

At an electrical level, the installation has 2 GEL batteries of 150 Ah capacity and an inverter-charger with a nominal power of 1200 watts.


electrical installation


Finally, a system has been installed to record the data and upload them to a web platform so as not to lose any records during the tests carried out by students who are studying at this wonderful university.


remote control


For more info, write to info@powerturbines.eu

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