On this occasion, we have installed a battery charging turbines (Microbat Series) at the entrance to a drinking water reservoir to provide electricity to it, making it an energy-sustainable facility.

Remember that our water turbines for self-consumption:

  • They are a source of renewable energy for self-consumption both isolated and connected to the electricity grid.
  • They require very simple maintenance, identical to that of a conventional centrifugal pump.
  • Payback periods of less than 5 years thanks to very low installation costs.
  • Water turbines manufactured in Spain.
  • Low environmental impact.
  • Plug-and-play water turbines, easy installation and commissioning.
  • Manufactured in cast iron, bronze or stainless steel.
  • They can work under counter pressure or with free discharge.
  • Materials suitable for use in drinking water.
  • Easy integration in parallel with pressure reducing valves without the need to expand the existing sump.
  • Useful life of more than 25 years.
  • Remote monitoring through web or mobile application.

In addition, our Powerturbines team has extensive experience in the development of urban hydraulic projects such as; construction of water tanks, pumping stations, drinking water distribution networks, electrical installations and remote control, among others, so we put all our knowledge at the disposal of our clients from the early phases of the design of an installation to the last phase such as is maintenance.

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