Water is a scarce common good, essential for the well-being of our society and necessary for a good quality of life, at the same time that it is a basic resource of any world economy. Its scarcity raises the need for efficient management. At Powerturbines, we want to contribute by providing innovative, sustainable solutions that are committed to the environment.

The main water distribution networks often have significant excess pressure that have to be dissipated without any use by means of pressure reducing valves or intermediate load-break tanks, in order to adjust the pressure level to the demand of the system and thus avoid breaks in the pipes that cause water leaks.

The objective of Powerturbines, manufacturer of micro water turbines, is to use this wasted hydraulic energy to generate electrical energy, thus optimizing the water distribution networks under criteria of productivity, competitiveness and improvement of hydraulic performance. In smaller hydraulic uses, water micro turbines allow data monitoring systems to be electrically powered, avoiding the continuous change of the batteries of this equipment.

The environmental impact of the facilities is very positive due to the reduction of CO2 emissions due to the substitution of conventional energies for renewable ones. Therefore, the benefits are more than evident, not only at an environmental level, but also at an economic level since the use of micro water turbines generates significant savings in the energy bill of the main water distribution companies, and, as a consequence, the final consumer may see his bill for water consumption lowered.

At Powerturbines we have the necessary knowledge to carry out a detailed study of the possible energy recovery points present throughout the entire water cycle. Each project has unique solutions adapted to the problems presented by our clients, the experience and trajectory of the team members being fundamental.

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